Fancy A Hog Roast in Wandsworth?

A Whole Hog Roast by Big RoastBig Roast offers two options when it comes to a Hog Roast in Wandsworth. We can offer either the ‘Whole Hog’ or a Pork Loin ‘Spit Roast’. Doing a hog roast in Wandsworth is pretty ideal for us as we’re based in Wimbledon, just up the road!

The Whole Hog is of course what we traditionally think of as a Hog Roast and whether or not you have ever been to a Hog Roast event most of us are familiar with this as we all have seen it in old movies when they are depicting Medieval banquets.

Most of us have a mental picture of Henry VIII at the head of a banquet with a Hog Roast roasting over an open fire and it is this that most have in mind when they contact us. Of course today and for practical purposes a Whole Hog is roasted in an enclosed, portable ‘Roaster’ producing incredible heat to ensure reduced cooking times and an even roast.

Although enclosed during cooking the smells excites, whets the appetites of the guests and creates an expectation which reaches it’s climax when the chef opens the roaster to reveal the massive, golden brown and succulent Hog. For many this is the first time they have seen a cooked, complete animal.

Whole Hogs are perfect for events of eighty or more guests as they serve up to one hundred and twenty therefore allowing for generous portions and or seconds. If any customers are interested in the options for a Hog Roast in Wandsworth, please call us on 0845 500 5450.

Big Roast cover much more than Wandsworth. So, if you’re in London or Essex, get in touch and see if we can cater your next event.

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