Hog Roast: No Job Too Small

We at Big Roast are quite often asked if we do small Hog Roast events and of course the answer is Yes.

We have developed many different packages over the years in the hope of covering all sizes and types of events but it is the smaller parties that concern most people.

People think that because they want a small intimate family affair that a Hog Roast isn’t possible without a┬álot of waste.

They think this Hog Roast, No job too smallbecause most can visualise the size of a Hog and know that it probably serves around 100.

The smallest package serves up to 50 which is almost perfect for most smaller events as it allows for extra generous servings and or lots for seconds which, in our experience, is always advisable.Well, a whole Hog can serve up to 120 but that is why we have developed and offer our ‘Spit Roast’ option which consists of rolled Pork loins roasted over a charcoal fire.

So, if you thought that a Hog Roast event for 30 isn’t possible, think again as we at Big Roast have packages to suit all. We really know our game and are more than happy to talk through your event and tailor something to make your event extra special.

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