Big Roast’s Vegetarian Options for Hog Roast Events

Big Roast for Vegeterians
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Big Roast like to think we’ve thought of everything for our Hog Roast Events.

There was a time when the only vegetarian option offered, just about anywhere, was some old nonsense like a “cabbage burger”  or the infamous “nut cutlets” (or nut roast, if you’re lucky enough). And, we were no exception.

Now you might be thinking, how good is a vegetarian option actually going to be from a company based around meat and hog roasts? Well, the answer is, actually very good. We’ve sourced some pretty spectacular veggie options from a chef who really understands vegetarian food.

Today we at Big Roast are happy to be able to offer a wide selection of Vegetarian quiches, tarts, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed  peppers , frittatas and tortillas. All of which are served as individual full portions with only the tomatoes and peppers served in twos.

So, the only problem we have now when doing a Hog Roast event with vegetarian options, is actually keeping the meat-eaters away as all our choices are both delicious to look at as well as to eat.

Big Roast are proud to be able to accommodate all tastes and requirements. And we’re sure we’ve got something to more than satisfy even your most fussiest of guests.

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