Big Roast celebrates their 50th Hog Roast in Chelsea this year

Hog Roast Event Chelsea by Big Roast

The Big Roast team were happy to celebrate their 50th Hog Roast in Chelsea at a private party last week. This makes Chelsea our top borough for Hog Roast events with Fulham coming a close second this season with 47 events.

Being based in Wimbledon means Chelsea is one of our neighbours and therefore a popular destination for our chefs as travel time and stress is reduced dramatically. As Chelsea is one of the smallest boroughs in London, in fact the second smallest, it may seem surprising that it came out top for number of Hog Roast events this year but then again although one of the smallest it also happens to be the most densely populated borough in the whole of the UK which may go some way in explaining the statistics.

Kensington & Chelsea, to give it it’s full title, covers the Notting Hill area which of course stages the biggest street party inEurope, the Notting Hill Carnival and we at Big Roast have many regular clients who book their Hog Roast with us during the Carnival.

These are always lively affairs with the noise, music and constant bustle of people in the streets giving a unique atmosphere to these private parties. A little known fact  is that Kensington & Chelsea has the highest life expectancy inLondon, 83.1 years for men and 87.2 for women. So a big thank-you from the Big Roast team to the 50 clients from who booked their Hog Roast in Chelsea with us this season.

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