Another great Hog Roast Season in Battersea

Hog Roast in Battersea
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Big Roast had another fantastic 2011 Hog Roast season in Battersea. Being just down the road from our base in Wimbledon, this is one area that we visit regularly. And why not, we are neighbours after all.

Battersea, is of course one of the best known parts of London thanks to it’s iconic landmark, known throughout the world,¬†Battersea Power Station.

Unfortunately, the power station has fell into a very sad state of disrepair thanks to years of squabbling between various business interests and the planners but nevertheless it is still a dramatic backdrop to a vibrant, developing borough.

Big Roast do a variety of Hog Roast  events throughout London but for some reason our clients in Battersea seem to favour our Spit Roasts which are 2, 3 or 4 Pork or Lamb Loins roasted over an open charcoal spit.

Maybe they are attracted by the flexibility our Spit Roasts offer as it’s possible to have either Pork, Lamb or a mixture of both with 2 Pork and 1 Lamb Loin being the most popular.

The benefit of these mixed packages is that our clients can offer their guests a choice of meat while still be assured of the Crackling which for a lot of people, is the star of a Hog Roast event.

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