Hog Roast Cooking Times

One of the main questions Big Roast is asked when customers are choosing a package, seems to be the time required to prepare and cook it. We’ve found that most people are just unaware exactly how long it takes to cook a whole pig!

Usually private house parties don’t have these issues or problems as the host or hostess is usually there getting the house ready for there guests and therefore there to welcome our chef but preparation and cooking times can become an issue when the event is being held in an outside venue and with perhaps access only being allowed a few hours before the guests arrive.

It is because of this that we offer the choices we do with a Whole Hog Roast requiring our chef to arrive 7 hours before serving time, our Spit Roasts requiring 4 hours and our Barbecue option requiring about an hour.

We at Big Roast are happy to discuss any issues our clients may have as we are certain we have the solution. So, give us a call on 0845 500 5450 or if you’d prefer, you can contact us online here

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  1. Boungie says:

    I am really irentested in future classes. I was the Chef at Bistro Campagne for the last 3 years (was laid-off in February) and dabbled in cured meats and sausages using books, recipes others would give me, and sheer trial and error. I am staging at Old Town Social and Publican this fall on off days and was looking for a class to further educate. if you could please send me some info on future classes or alternativesThanks,Dan Jacobs

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