Lamb Roast as an alternative to a Hog Roast

Lamb Roast alternative to a Hog RoastWhen Big Roast first started to offer their Hog Roast packages nearly all our clients booked the Whole Hog but things have changed dramatically over the years.

There are many reasons why a Whole Hog isn’t the appropriate package, usually because it serves up to 120, so although ideal for larger events it certainly isn’t ideal for more intimate gatherings of around 30.

This is where a Lamb Roast comes into it’s own as a Whole Lamb Roast, serves up to 45 making it the ideal choice for smaller parties wanting a complete animal as the centrepiece of their event.

Lambs are obviously much smaller than a fully grown hog which is certainly an advantage when it comes to cooking times. A Whole Lamb roast can be cooked in 2.5 hours as opposed to the 6 required for a Hog.

Big Roast roasts their lambs very simply with only salt and Rosemary as seasoning and we believe it is the better for it, allowing the delicate taste of lamb to come through. We serve this simple but delicious roast with Mint sauce.

Now all that’s left to do, is pick up the phone and get us around to cook you a nice Sunday roast at your next big family event!

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One thought on “Lamb Roast as an alternative to a Hog Roast

  1. Deb McDonnell says:

    Hi We’re having a street party on the 2nd of June (Leyborne Park, Kew TW9)

    The plan is that everyone brings food to share, but we thought an added hog roast, ready for around 8pm, would be nice as it would accompany our evening entertainment.

    We expect about 160 people (37 are children). We wouldn’t expect enormous portions, as we’ll have eaten earlier.

    Other than the roast and sandwich buns, we don’t need salads or anything else.Are you available and can you give me a quote? Thanks Deb 020 8940 4449 or email back

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