Extra Staff at your Hog Roast Event

Hog Roast Waiting Staff from Big RoastMost Big Roast‘s Hog Roast events can easily be managed by our well-trained and experienced chefs, but there are some events, usually weddings and large  corporate occasions when one chef couldn’t possibly do it alone.

It is  usual for wedding events to want China plates and metal knives and forks rather than the good quality paper plates normally used at more intimate and relaxed affairs and this is an example of when an extra pair of hands is crucial to the smooth running  of the event.  The chef’s assistant will help with the serving and collect, pack and load the plates while the chef is packing up his oven etc.

It is of course obvious that a second pair of hands is necessary at parties of over 120 guests thus ensuring that everyone receives their Hog Roast hot and that  everyone is served together.

Big Roast advises when we feel that an assistant is necessary but of course we are happy to provide extra help whenever a client requests it.

So, why not get in touch and see what Big Roast can bring to the table (excuse the pun) for your next event.


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