Hog Roast London Bridge

Hog Roast London Tower BridgeBig Roast are Hog Roast London specialists and over the years have been fortunate to have done Hog Roast events in some wonderful and beautiful locations. Last season we were lucky enough to do one with one of the most iconic bridges in the world acting as a back drop. We are of course talking about Tower Bridge (not to be confused with London Bridge) which if the legend is true, was bought by a wealthy American by mistake, thinking that he had actually bought Tower Bridge.

It was only, so the story goes, when it was being reassembled back in Texas or somewhere that the mistake was discovered.¬†Although, a little (well actually, a lot!) embarrassing, it has become a tourist attraction in it’s own right. So, all’s well that ends well.

Our event, with Tower Bridge in the background was a fantastic success with all who attended feeling very much part of the life of London.

An iconic landmark and a traditional Hog Roast London sandwich. What could be more British.

Big Roasts Hog Roast London service is available outside the capital too. So, if you have an epic backdrop for an event then we would love to cater for it! On second thoughts, we’d love to cater even if it’s just in your back garden…with no backdrop at all! We’re just mad about hogs and will pretty much roast anywhere.

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