Big Roast Staff for a Hog Roast in Chelsea

hog roast event in chelsea by Big RoastAlthough, Big Roast is one of the biggest companies catering a hog roast in Chelsea or even London for that matter. We have quite a small, but very well trained and experienced staff.

The first member of staff our potential clients meet is Gary, in the office. ¬†Gary has an incredibly difficult task in that it is his job to get across the quality and taste of our Hog Roasts to potential clients. This is not easy as you can imagine. You can’t really get a sense of taste or smell either by phone or by e-mail! Not as easy as it sounds, but his straight-forward honest manner works wonders and our clients quickly learn to trust him. He has been vital in gaining the trust of new clients and because of this we have a very high rate of returning clients who use us frequently.

We learned very quickly that many of the events we cater for happen almost annually.Especially, events such as sports or charity fundraisers and birthdays. So, it’s vital that we get it right the first time around to ensure getting the repeat custom. A Hog Roast in Chelsea is fast becoming a frequent occurrence for Big Roast.

Up until the day of the Hog Roast in Chelsea, Gary is the only person anyone usually has contact with. So, it is a great relief when our friendly, relaxed, professional and experienced chefs turn up to help make someone’s day that little more special.

We believe that this is the key to our continuing success and growth. All our Hog Roast staff are very aware that every event is someone’s special day and it is their job to make sure it turns out every bit as good as imagined.

Big Roast
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