Hog Roast in Wimbledon and Kew

Hog roast in WimbledonBig Roast chefs often pass Kew Gardens, or to give it it’s full and proper title, The Royal Botanical Gardens, on their way to a Hog Roast in Wimbledon, Kew and Richmond areas. Few people realise the size of Kew Gardens, not only in terms of acres covered, but also in the staff it employs and the income it enjoys.

Kew was first created in 1759 and is now sponsored by the Dept of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs with an income of well over fifty million pounds and employs over seven hundred full-time staff.

Today Kew has the world’s largest collection of living plants and employs over six hundred and fifty scientists, which we just find completely overwhelming.

It is an incredibly popular tourist attraction with over two million visitors every year. For those lucky enough to live beside or nearby a membership pass can be bought making it possible to visit daily, if your a true botanical enthusiast.

Kew Gardens is a wonderful place to meander and marvel at natures wonders. It would be the dream location for a hog roast on a hot summers day, perhaps only to be rivalled by a Hog Roast in Wimbledon, centre court with a large glass of Pim’s in hand 😉



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