What it takes to Hog Roast in Chelsea

chef-hat hog roast chelseaBeing a Hog Roast chef isn’t something that just anyone can do.

Even cooks and chefs who have spent a working lifetime in kitchens and in catering environments have admitted that they couldn’t be Hog Roast chefs. One day you’re doing a hog roast in Chelsea and the next in Kent. Event locations and clientèle can be quite diverse.

So, what is it that makes Hog Roasting such a specialised and, for some, a frightening job? Well, the first thing is the need to know how to roast, as opposed to knowing how to cook. Most of our Chefs are from South Africa and have been brought up doing Hog Roasts in their gardens at the weekend under the watchful and experienced eyes of their parents.

By the time they come to work with Big Roast they already have many years of experience under their belts but being able to cook a Hog Roast in Chelsea is only part of what is required.

Just as important is having the confidence to actually stand in front of maybe one hundred and fifty people and know that you alone are going to produce delicious food for them. It is this confidence that makes a Hog Roast Chef


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