The Hog Roast in London Season for Big Roast

Big Roast Hog Roast in LondonBig Roast are of course happy to provide a Hog Roast in London for our clients at any time of the year. Being an ‘outdoor’ caterer does mean we do obviously have a busy season and a much shorter quiet season.

So, it will come as no surprise that the summer is our busy period, but what may surprise some is that both June and July are much busier than August.

All weekends book-out from June through to the end of September but for some reason we do a lot more mid-week events in June and July.

September is our last busy month as it is seen as being the last chance to have a Hog Roast before the weather changes but believe it our not, after a lull in November, we do quite a few events in December.

January is more or less a month off for the chefs but not for the office staff as the hog roast in London bookings start to come in almost immediately.

February is quiet and then the season starts again in March.

So, if you’re looking to have a hog roast in London any time throughout the year, get in touch as we’re sure we’ll have an option to suit you.

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