Hog Roast Shepherd’s Bush

Hog Roast LondonBig Roast remembers doing their Hog Roast events in and around Shepherd’s Bush when it was just another residential west London neighbourhood.

That of course all changed with the building and development of the enormous Westfield Shopping Centre in the  heart of the borough. Shepherd’s Bush has changed beyond belief in the last twenty years but of course the change was long overdue.

Big Roast do just as many Hog Roast events in Shepherd’s Bush as before, the only change for us has been the traffic which was always a hassle and is now a nightmare.  We do of course always manage to get to our Hog Roast events and we have even expanded the area we cover with a new branch opened in Essex to cover more or less the whole of East Anglia. Shepherds Bush has now become a destination in it’s own right which was unimaginable a few years ago.

If you’d like to hear more about what our customers say about us, please click here where you’ll see many glowing references from happy customers.

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Big Roast is London’s specialist whole hog roast and loin roast company


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