Special Requests for a Hog Roast in Chelsea

Hog Roast in ChelseaWe at Big Roast feel we have everything covered in relation to what customers need and want from a Hog Roast in Chelsea, but of course there will be circumstances when we haven’t.

There will always be enquiries from people who would like to do things just that little bit differently. Sometimes they don’t want to but circumstances dictate a different approach.

It is for these people and these situations that Big Roast staff keep an open mind and try to find solutions for all requests no matter how difficult they may initially seem.

We have been asked to do Hog Roast in Chelsea in a school field. We’ve done events in forests, miles from the nearest road. We have even been asked to lift our Hog Roast machines over six foot high walls and hedges as access through narrow doors was impossible.

So, when things look impossible and it seems no one wants to help, give us a call and we will do our best to find a solution for you. We are the company with a real “can do” attitude! Just have a look at what our customers have said about us on our website at www.bigroast.com/customer-references/

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