Big Roast and the Green Revolution

Big Roast were delighted to take delivery of their first L.P.G powered vehicle in September 2011.

Big Roast eco friendly

The van was used to take Hog Roast machines to our Spanish branch in Alicante in the South East of Spain where Big Roast opened a branch to cater for the British ex-pats who love and miss a bit of ‘ traditional’ Britain.

The van drove the one thousand, two hundred and seventy-five miles to Alicante and back again using only L.P.G which not only saved a small fortune in fuel costs but also dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.

Now back in London the van will really come in to it’s own as the constant starting and stopping of London traffic makes the low L.P.G emissions a must nowadays and is something we will actively try to reduce even further.

Even though or contribution towards reducing our emissions is a drop in the ocean perhaps if we all did just a little,  improvements would be felt just that little bit sooner.

Big Roast prides ourselves on trying to do our little bit for the environment and hopes that you will consider doing your part too.

LPG vans are something we hope to convert all of our fleet of vehicles to in future.

Big Roast
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