Big Roast’s Special Hog Roast Wandsworth Sauce

Hog Roast Wandsworth Secret Sauce from Big Roast Big Roast have always had a secret weapon which of course is why we are one of the most successful Hog Roast Wandsworth companies.

Of course our secret weapon has to be used in conjunction with our great, experienced chefs and our top quality free-range meat.

So, what is it?

Well, our secret weapon is our  ‘secret sauce’. We import  a specially produced sauce through our contacts in South Africa, we then add a little something of our own here in London and it’s then ready to go.

Hog Roast Wandsworth adds this sauce to all our hogs and to some of our Lamb packages.

The sauce is added after the meat has been cooked and sliced and takes the already delicious meat to another level adding just the right amount of spices and herbs.

So remember, when you book a Hog Roast Wandsworth with Big Roast you are getting something a little different with every bite.

If you still need convincing that Big Roast is the right company for your event, please take a look at our customer references page on our website. You’ll soon see just how good we really are!

Big Roast
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