How much is a Hog Roast?

Everyone knows what to expect from a hog roast. A beautifully prepared whole hog turning majestically over charcoal or electric burners. That’s a given. What people aren’t so sure about is how much a hog roast actually costs.

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This short blog post will quickly lay out how much our hog roast costs and exactly how much bang you get for your buck! Big Roast have built up a wealth of experience over the last 5 years and have spent countless hours thinking of ways of cutting our costs and passing the savings onto you our lovely customers.

The first bit of information we would need from you would be how many people you were planning on feeding at your party. We currently offer two set hog roast packages and these normally surfice but never hesitate to contact us for a bespoke quote. The two set packages are designed for parties with either 100 or 125 guests. Please see below for information on what you get for your money….

100 person package – A whole hog big enough to feed 100 hungry people. One of our polite and experienced chefs for the day who will oversee the cooking and ensure that any salads or sides (these are charged seperately) are ready for when the meat is finished cooking. He will bring along everything he needs to set up, cook and serve your lovely hog roast. The price also includes 100 rolls and 100 serving of sauces.

125 person package – You get everything you get above but a bigger hog is cooked to accommodate for the extra 25 guests and you get 25 extra rolls and servings of sauce.

If you still have any questions you would like to ask or if you have a larger event planned please feel free to contact using our contact form or give us a call on 0845 500 5450.

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