Our Hog Roast Services: Part One

Big Roast - London's best hog roast company

Information on the hog roast services we offer to customers across London and further afield. Please contact us directly to get more information about our hog roast services

Areas we provide hog roast services in

Big Roast has long been established as London’s biggest and best Hog Roast company and indeed 90% of our events are held within the M25 but we do do and are happy to do events outside the M25. For hog roast services outside London we first need to determine how long it would take the chef to travel to and from the event venue, if the road network is good and lastly how far the venue is from our office.

We always try to say yes and can usually do anywhere in the surrounding counties. A small travel surcharge is applicable to event venues over 30 miles from our office. This covers the extra fuel costs and extra wages to acknowledge the chef’s longer day.

When should I book by hog roast?

Every year Big Roast takes many bookings for Hog Roast events being held the following year. These are usually Weddings that clients obviously want to secure well beforehand. The rule of thumb for normal bookings is that most people seem to book two months before so in April Gary, our Sales Manager would be taking bookings for June / July.

This is more than enough time to secure the desired date and certainly helps our Head Chef to organise and allocate the right Chef to the right event. Early bookings also help in that Big Roast and our team have time to form a relationship with the client and can discuss and iron out all the little details that are crucial to the events success. Of course Big Roast will always do it’s best to fit in last minute bookings.

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