Our Hog Roasting Services: Part Two

Frequently asked questions about our hog roasting services by our customers.

Are there any hidden costs?

Big Roast - London's best hog roast company

There is nothing worse than trying to deal with a company that, for whatever reason, won’t tell you their prices until you’ve spent half an hour on their website answering what seems like a hundred questions. At Big Roast everything we offer is clearly photographed, described and priced on our user-friendly website.

As VAT is included in all our prices it is incredibly easy for our clients to decide what they want and in seconds work out the total cost. At Big Roast there are no hidden costs.

How long does a Whole Hog take to cook?

With a Whole Hog the chef needs to arrive at the event location seven hours before the desired serving time. The Hog takes between five and six hours to cook but the chef also needs time to set – up his cooking area and prepare the Hog for roasting. The Hog, while cooking, must be constantly watched over in order to deal with any problems immediately.

The most common problem is, in really bad weather conditions, the wind blowing out the burners. Obviously the chef must be on hand to re-light the burners to continue the cooking process. The chef aims to have the Hog ready 30 minutes before the serving time which allows him time to carve and present the roast. He then serves for 1 hour after which he will leave any leftovers with the host for any late arrivals. He then packs up and goes.

Please call us if none of the above is clear and if you have any further questions about our hog roasting services.


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