How long does a Hog Roast take to cook?

Hog Roast Cooking TimeHow long does a hog roast take to cook?

With a Whole Hog the chef needs to arrive at the event location 7 hours before the desired serving time,
The Hog Roast itself takes between five and a half to six hours to cook but the chef also needs time to set – up his cooking area and to prepare the Hog.

The Hog, while cooking must be constantly watched over in order to deal with any problems immediately. The most common problem with a Whole Hog Roast is, on a windy day, the burners being blown out. Obviously the chef must be there to re-light the burners immediately.

The chef aims to have the Hog cooked thirty minutes before the serving time which allows him time to carve and present the meat on our serving trays.

At serving time the guests come to the serving table where they are served individually and where they help themselves to apple sauce. The first service usually takes about half an hour after which the guests will start returning for seconds.
After an hour the chef will transfer any left-overs to the clients kitchen to be offered to their any late arriving guests later in the evening.

The chef then packs up all his equipment and leaves.

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