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Hog Roast Wimbledon were  delighted to do a Spit Roast for Terry Fielding’s fiftieth birthday in November 2012.

The venue for this intimate affair was Terry and his wife Sue’s home just off Park Road in Wimbledon. There were approximately forty guests invited and serving time was set for 8pm.

Weather wise, the day started dull, grey, wet  and windy so Hog Roast Wimbledon took along an extra Gazebo to shelter the guests, if necessary, at serving time but thankfully, although the chef had to use extra Charcoal to keep the temperature up, about an hour before serving time the rain stopped, the wind abated and it seemed to become slightly warmer.

Terry and Sue’s friends and family arrived around 6pm and were drawn to the warm glow and wonderful aroma coming from the Spit.

By 7pm Ricky, our chef, was the centre of attention as everyone crowded round to be near the heat but then became enthralled watching Ricky control the fire and constantly adjust the loins to ensure perfect Crackling.

At 7.30pm the meat was ready and within minutes of Ricky removing the Crackling to carve the Crackling was gone with almost everyone saying that it was the best Crackling they had ever tasted.

Serving took only thirty minutes and there was plenty left over from the two Pork Loins for seconds.

Terry made a short speech thanking Ricky and he even received a round of applause.

Thirty minutes later he had packed up and was gone, another successful Hog Roast Wimbledon event under his belt.

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