Hog Roast Machines For Sale

Hog Roast Machine for Sale
Big Roast offer a range of hog roast machines for sale. We are one of the few, if not the only, Hog Roast company to use bespoke roasters made to our specific designs and requirements in South Africa.

We are also proud of the fact that as we have been growing as a company every year we have been able to tweak our designs every year and therefore all our roasting machines are up to the minute in both design and efficiency.

We use two designs. An enclosed gas powered stainless steel Hog Roast machine with detachable legs for easy transportation. This machine has three gas powered burners and an electric powered motor to turn the Spiked Hog. Maximum Hog weight is sixty-five kilos giving a minimum of one hundred and forty portions.

Our second design is our stainless steel Charcoal Spit Roast again with detachable legs and a detachable electric motor. This can cook a maximum of five six to seven kilo Pork Loins giving a minimum of one hundred and twenty five portions.

As we import new machines every March clients wishing to purchase have the choice of either a new machine or one from our stock of used but well maintained machines.Click on our Hog Roast Machines For Sale section to see machines available. Prices vary and potential purchasers should contact our office for latest prices for our Hog Roast Machines for Sale.

Big Roast London Have Hog Roast Machines For Sale

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