Hog Roast For Private Parties

Hog Roast Cooking TimeHog Roast For Private Parties

Big Roast do approximately two hundred and fifty Hog Roast and Spit Roast  private parties  every season.

From this one hundred on average are Weddings, fifty on average are Corporate events with the remaining one hundred being more intimate private parties for family and friends.

Big Roast will turn up at the family home or booked venue either seven hours before the desired serving time for a Whole Hog or four hours before serving time for a Spit Roast.

The chef sets up his 3m x 3m sturdy Gazebo in a suitable position under which he will cook and serve, from his serving table, the Hog Roast. The only thing he requires from the client is access to a normal household electric socket to power the small motor than turns the meat during cooking.

The chef stays throughout the roasting process, constantly checking the meat and managing the fire while setting up his serving table where the serving platter will be placed alongside the plates, cutlery and apple sauce.

He aims to have the meat ready thirty minutes before the serving time to give time for the meat to rest and then time to carve and present the meat.

Serving time usually takes thirty minutes with seconds etc bringing it up to an hour. After the hour the chef will leave any leftovers with the client, pack up without disturbing the guests, say goodbye and go with the compliments still ringing in his ears to prepare for the next day’s event.

We do all kinds of private parties so give us a call to discuss yours.

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