Hog Roast Croydon


Hog Roast Croydon had to pull out all the stops to make Jill Edwards’ fortieth birthday party the success that it ultimately became.

The problem was that Jill wanted Big Roast to cater her event in a field, half a mile from the nearest road and parking. The other issue was that three local Hog Roast companies had turned her down because there was no power supply.

The good thing was that Jill contacted Hog Roast Croydon early and we were able to work together to navigate the obvious obstacles.

The first thing we had to agree was that the chef would need help with getting all his equipment from the nearest parking to the location. Jill agreed to pay for a chef’s assistant and that four friends/ volunteers would also be on hand to help.

On the day this worked brilliantly with five friends and the two Hog Roast Croydon staff forming a chain and unloading in less than twenty minutes.

The problem of having no power was sorted by our staff agreeing to ‘hand – turn’ the Spit which was hard work but very rewarding.

At serving time Jill’s camp / bonfire was blazing and together with the glow from the Charcoal Spit the location somehow took on a cosy and snug atmosphere and another successful Hog Roast Croydon event was completed.

Hog Roast Croydon by Big Roast

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