Frequently asked Questions -Does Big Roast do Barbeques?

Frequently Asked Question, Big Roast BBQOne of the most frequently asked questions is – Does Big Roast do Barbeques?

Along with our Hog Roasts and Spit Roasts we can also provide a delicious Big Roast Barbeque.

Although we only offer Jumbo Sausages, Burgers and Cheeseburgers we at Big Roast believe that they are the best free- range Sausages, Burgers and Cheeseburgers offered in the London area and all the meat used is sourced from award winning Suffolk farms.

Both our Burgers and Sausages are handmade and are as far away from the average shop bought product as you can imagine.

For smaller events, up to thirty guests, we send along one chef who can quite easily cook and serve the required Burgers and Sausages which are served on fresh floured bread rolls or baps and all sauces and relishes are included in the price.

As the party numbers increase so do the number of experienced Barbeque chefs and assistants required. With large events of around one hundred we strongly advise both chefs to cook and a couple of assistants to serve.

We set out a serving table under our Gazebo where the guests are served their Burger or Jumbo sausage (usually in a napkin) and then they help themselves to their favourite sauce or relish from the variety offered.

A Big Roast Barbeque is perfect for both formal and informal occasions and is ideal when an extended serving time is required.

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