Where do we do our Hog Roast


Where we do our Hog Roast

For Hog Roast or Spit Roast events outside London we first need to determine how long it would take the chef to travel to and from the event venue, if the road network is good and how far the venue is from our offices in Wimbledon. These are the factors that determine where we do our Hog Roast.

Where the event is is far more important than how far away it is. Being based in Wimbledon means it is much easier to do a Hog Roast one hundred miles away down the A3 than fifty miles away in Essex.

We always try to say Yes and usually can do to event venues in any of the Home Counties.

Unfortunately a small travel surcharge is applicable when the venue is more than thirty miles away from our offices. This charge helps cover the extra fuel required and an extra payment to the chef to acknowledge his longer day.

Another consideration is the serving time requested by the client. As a Whole Hog Roast requires the chef to arrive at the venue approximately seven hours beforehand. For long distance events it wouldn’t be practical to travel two hours and cook for seven for a lunchtime serving.

Please contact our Sales team to enquire if we cover your area and we always advise prospective clients to have a look at our reference pages to see what our clients have had to say regarding our service.

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