Are there any Hidden Costs when I book a Hog Roast?

Are there any Hidden Costs when I book a Hog Roast?

There is nothing worse than trying to deal with a Hog Roast company that for whatever reason won’t tell you their prices until you have spent half an hour on their website answering what seems like a hundred questions.

At Big Roast everything we offer is clearly photographed, described and priced on our user friendly website.

As VAT is included in all our prices it is incredibly easy for our clients to decide what Hog Roast package they want, how many salads and vegetarian options they need and with a calculator our clients can work out in just a few minutes the total price of their event.

The benefit of this is that the client, if on a budget, can immediately change, reduce or increase their menu to fit that budget  without waiting for the Hog Roast company to get back to them with a nasty surprise.

The only thing not on our website as it is a rare occurrence, but is always pointed out when we are made aware of the venue location  being outside London, is a small travel surcharge when the location is over thirty miles from our Wimbledon offices.

There are no Hidden Costs when booking with Big Roast.

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