Hog Roast Canapés

hog-roast-caterer-canapes-7Hog Roast Canapés

All our Hog Roast Canapés are designed to be the perfect appetizers to the main event, the Hog Roast itself.

When planning their events most clients focus on the Hog or Spit Roast and the salads to accompany it and quite often Canapés are forgotten about or dismissed as being unnecessary but in reality offering Hog Roast Canapés is a great way to get the party started.

We always send along a waiter to serve the canapés on elegant platters and find that everyone enjoys this touch of luxury and sophistication and of course each canapé whets the appetite for what is to follow.

We offer a range of Hog Roast Canapés to suit all tastes covering meat, our Blue Cheese & Crispy Bacon Mini Tartlets or our Peppered Duck & Fig Skewers, fish, our Smoked Salmon Mini Tartlets or our Prawn Cocktail Choux Bites and vegetarian, our Feta & Black Olive Mini Quiche, Green Pea & Parmesan Mini Quiches or our Butternut Squash & Parmesan Frittata Squares.

We recommend three to four canapés per guest as canapés are delicious but small and are always snapped up. The waiter will mingle amongst the guests offering from the selection which of course adds a nice touch to the day.

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