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Although most of our Hog Roast events are in the greater London area a very high proportion of our ‘ long distance ‘ events are in or around the beautiful and historic city of Oxford. Our Hog Roast Oxford team do an average of forty events in the area every season.

Being only fifty miles from London our Hog Roast Oxford team can say Yes to nearly all requests as journey time from our offices in Wimbledon rarely take more than ninety minutes.

Oxford of course is known throughout the world thanks to its’ university and also as the base for the manufacturing of the classic and iconic Mini motor car.

The university is the oldest in the English speaking world and ranks fifth in the world below its’ rival Cambridge which ranks number one. The list of past students as expected is impressive with among others to have been educated there, Tony Blair but more importantly Rowan Atkinson, the comedian and Alan Bennett, the award winning writer.

Thanks to the university’s striking architecture the city has become known as the City of Spires.

Away from the university, the town’s main claim to fame is as a motor manufacturer with the Morris company setting up in the early 1900s and producing both the much loved Mini and Morris Minor models.

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