What happens with my Hog Roast Booking if the weather is terrible?

What happens  my Hog Roast Booking if the weather is terrible?

Thanks to the U.K ‘s unpredictable climate the question of what happens a Hog Roast booking if the weather is terrible is probably the number one concern of prospective clients .

We at Big Roast are proud of the fact that we have never once had to cancel a Hog Roast  booking in the six years we have been in business and believe me we have done some Hog Roast events in the most dreadful  weather.

The secret is of course to arrive at event venues prepared.  All our chefs arrive with a water and weather proof Gazebo measuring three metres by three metres under which he both cooks and serves. This of course only ensures the protection of the chef and the Hog Roast with the guests in extreme cases being trapped indoors. In these extreme cases the chef will cook and carve under the Gazebo and then bring the serving trays, loaded with the carved meat, indoors to the guest where he will serve from the kitchen or wherever the client thinks best.

We always find in cases like this that everyone comes together to make the best of what could be a disaster and some of these events are amongst the best we have ever done.

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