Can you supply Waiting Staff with my Hog Roast?

Can you supply Waiting Staff with my Hog Roast?

Big Roast have a small but experienced  and  enthusiastic  team of Waiters ready to help out with your Hog Roast Event.

Our team of waiters are of course experienced in helping the chef or chefs with the serving of our delicious Hog Roasts directly to the guests but are most commonly required when the client has ordered a range of canapés from our updated Canapé menu.

For Canapés  the waiter would be booked for four hours and would arrive with the chef. He would help the chef unload and set up the serving area and then start organising the Canapés.

At the required serving time he would mingle amongst the guests offering a selection of Canapés from serving trays. Once served he would clear his area and leave – his job done.

When waiters are required to do bar work or serve drinks they can either arrive with the chef and help the client set up the bar area and start cooling the beer and wine etc in preparation for the guests arrival. The waiters are happy to continue long after the chef has left but this must first be agreed with the Sales Manager.

Get in touch with our Hog Roast sales team on 0845 500 5450 to discuss your Waiting requirements.

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