A Hog Roast Salad Event.

big-roast-classic-green-salad-2A Hog Roast Salad Event.

Big Roast recently received a request to do a Hog Roast for a private birthday party of eighty guests.

As usual Gary, our Sales Manager, suggested a Standard Hog Roast to serve up to one hundred portions which would allow a little extra for those asking for extra generous servings and / or seconds.

Gary also suggested eighty portions of Coleslaw to accompany the Hog Roast but was surprised when Angela, the client, ordered eighty portions each of five different salads, three from the Premium range and two from the classic range.

Gary suggested that this might be far too much salad but Angela insisted explaining that as most of the guests were Greek or at least came from Greek families the salads would be just as important as the Hog Roast as lots of salad would be expected and appreciated.

The salads were ordered and on the day Big Roast sent along a Chef’s assistant to help with the large quantities. He took along a separate serving table and lay out five serving bowls together with the cutlery etc.

Serving time arrived and sure enough, just as Angela had said, the guests took one slice of the Hog Roast but loaded their plates up with the fresh crisp salads with many guests coming back for more.

Serving finished as did the salads with nothing wasted whatsoever.

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