Another Great Corporate Hog Roast Event.

Hog Roast by Big RoastAnother Great Corporate Hog Roast Event.

Big Roast had the pleasure of doing a Hog Roast Event  for the third year in a row for the staff and guests of a medium sized publishing company based near Slough.

Alan and David Burrows, the owners, hold this Hog Roast event every January as a way of welcoming the staff back after the holidays and as an opportunity to bond in preparation for the  year ahead.

The management and staff number around fifty with various husbands and wives bringing the total on the night to approximately seventy-five making our standard Hog Roast to serve up to one hundred portions the perfect choice.

This size Hog Roast allows for those who ask for extra generous portions and /or seconds and ensures that no one leaves the party hungry.

To accompany the Hog Roast Alan always orders eighty portions of Coleslaw which he finds goes perfectly with the Pork with lots asking the chef to put it in the roll with the meat.

Alan also orders eighty of our Paper Plate Package which includes a good quality paper plate, a plastic knife and fork and a napkin.

As usual the staff and guests arrived a couple of hours before the Hog Roast serving time, giving themselves time to have a drink and catch-up with their colleagues while enjoying the rich roasting aroma from the Hog.

Alan and David are delighted that they can put on this relatively large event with no stress as one call to Big Roast is all that’s needed.

So if you are organizing a company event give Big Roast a call and take the stress out of what can be a stressful situation.

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