Can I order something that isn’t on the menu along with my Hog Roast?

Can I order something that isn’t on the menu along with my Hog Roast?

Everyone at Big Roast understands that every Hog Roast event is a special day for someone and we therefore go out of our way to try and provide everything the client wants.

Our Menu, we believe, covers everything required for a great Hog Roast. Our salads are specifically designed to accompany the Pork and Lamb that we offer.

Our Canapé  options, again after a lot of thought by our Leith trained salad chef, include Vegetarian

Hog Roast Machines for Sale
Hog Roast Machines for Sale

, Meat and Fish based choices ensuring something for every taste.

Of course certain clients have very specific themed events and therefore have very specific requirements.

We have had the pleasure to do Hog Roast and Salad for Middle Eastern themed parties where Cous Cous and Dates etc were a must and in these cases we all worked together to come up with a Cous Cous and a Date salad which we did.

We are sometimes asked if it is possible to marinate the Hog in the clients family marinade recipe. This unfortunately is impossible as the logistics of preparing an unfamiliar marinade and marinating a sixty kilo Hog for a number of days makes this impractical.

We try to help with off – menu requests so give us a call to discuss yours.

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