Can we try your Hog Roast before we book?

We are often asked by our customers “Can we try your Hog Roast before we book?”.

As all of our Hog Roast events are either private or corporate events the short answer is No and the only way to experCorporate Hog Roastience a Big Roast Hog Roast would be if you were lucky enough to know and  be invited by one of our clients to theirs’.

What we ask and advise prospective clients is to read thoroughly our Reference page where our professional approach and use of top quality products should become evident.

The fact that it is rarely possible to experience one of our Hog Roast events is actually quite a problem in that most people’s only experience of a Hog Roast is at a Farmer’s Market or at a Pub on a Sunday.

The fact is that a Big Roast Hog Roast event is really quite different from either of these.

The Pubs and the market traders may, like us, use the best quality Hogs available but there is no getting away from the fact that both these have to cook the Hog and then keep it warm while waiting for passing customers.

Unfortunately Pork becomes dry very quickly and effects the taste and texture dramatically.

All our Hogs are cooked to a set serving time at which time everyone is served within thirty minutes ensuring they experience the delicious succulent Hog at its’ best.

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