How many salads should I order with my Hog Roast?

hog-roast-green-leaf-saladHow many salads should I order with my Hog Roast?

Salads are quite a difficult thing to advise upon as every Hog Roast event is so different.

At some Hog Roast events the salad is snapped up and finished within minutes whereas at others it sits totally ignored by the guests. We even had one event where the client ordered three hundred salads and only about thirty portions were eaten. This had nothing to do with the quality or the salad choice but was more down to the fact that the event guests were by and large young rugby players much more interested in the Hog meat and especially the Crackling.

This is of course an extreme example but does prove the old adage that you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Salad orders have changed over the years whereas before a client might have ordered one hundred portions of three different salads most now just order and offer one choice, usually Coleslaw.

Coleslaw is by far the most popular salad we offer as it goes so perfectly with the Hog Roast with many guests asking for it in their roll with the Meat as opposed to having it as a side.

Big Roast offer a selection of both Classic and Premium salads, all specially designed to compliment the Hog Roast.

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