Is a Hog Roast possible if I don’t have a garden?

garden roof terracesIs a Hog Roast possible if I don’t have a garden?

For Health & Safety  and practical reasons a garden is the ideal place to hold a Hog Roast or Spit Roast event.

Every Big roast chef arrives with a van load of equipment in order to set up a cooking and serving area. The Roaster itself is on wheels as it much too big and heavy for one man to carry and this of course dictates the need for a ground floor location.

Although a back garden is the norm, in reality all Big Roast need to carry out a successful  Hog Roast event  is an easy accessible outside space. This can be on large balconies or roof top terraces as long as access is practical and has been discussed with the Sales team beforehand.

In these situations a chef’s assistant is obligatory even if the apartment or office in question has a lift as the amount of trips to unload all the equipment and then to reload after the event would be both exhausting and time consuming and the priority is for the chef to provide a delicious Hog Roast in a calm and professional manner.

So, if you are thinking of having a Hog Roast or Spit Roast but have an unusual outside space contact our Sales team on 0845 500 5450 to discuss the practicalities.

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