Hog Roast Wedding in Chelsea

chelseaBig Roast were delighted to do Hog Roast Wedding in Chelsea in September.

Our client was the grooms brother Robert who after a few drinks one evening had promised his brother that he would take care of the Catering arrangements.

Robert, as you may have guessed rang Big Roast in a panic as time had passed and he still hadn’t a clue what to do nor what needed doing.

After explaining the situation to a member of our Sales team he was delighted and relieved to learn that we could take care of all his Hog Roast requirements for the Wedding.

The reception was being held in a little pub that he had hired for the day, after checking that they had an outside beer garden and that they had no objection to a Hog Roast being cooked on their premises.

It was agreed with Robert to supply a Large Whole Hog, a variety of Salads, a few Vegetarian dishes and three hundred Canapés.

A chef’s assistant was added to help with the Hog Roast and two waiters to serve the Canapés.

The day went without a hitch. The sun even came out and after a glass of wine with the Canapés the guests were eager to try the Hog Roast.

Everyone was delighted with quite a few saying that it was the best Hog Roast they had ever tasted.

So, for all your Hog Roast Chelsea requirements contact our Sales team on 0845 500 5450.


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