Cost Effective Food Ideas for a Big Group BBQ

Big group outdoor roastCatering for a big group of friends and family is one of life’s pleasures. Good laughs and good memories make it a worthwhile endeavour. But how can you make sure that you’re able to enjoy it without breaking the bank. We’ve put together a couple of BBQ food ideas for large groups that will make it more affordable and by default, more enjoyable.

Skip the porterhouse steak. Opt instead for a great, yet inexpensive skirt or flank steak. Forego boneless chicken breasts for the cheaper and more flavourful legs and thighs. And toss back the catch of the day for a darker, grill-friendly mackerel or salmon. It can also help to buy in bulk, and to keep up to date with your local butcher as to when there’s a sale of certain cuts of meat.

Fancy up old favourites. Add a little variation to a classic recipe by stuffing burger meat with blue cheese, chopped bacon or BBQ sauce before they hit the grill. A great idea for a cheaper outdoor BBQ for large groups is the hot dog, which you can spice up by splitting lengthways before adding a little cheddar cheese in the middle.

Make your own rubs and sauces. Rubs are essentially spices in a bowl that are mixed together, while most sauces start with the basic foundation of tomato sauce. Armed with this knowledge, you can whip up both with some of the ingredients that you already have in your pantry.

Buy food on sale or in bulk. And if you have the time, home-made can be better – from burger patties to chicken kebabs, there are very few foods that you can’t make from basic ingredients when preparing for an outdoor large group BBQ.

Focus on the sides. When it comes to food ideas for a large group BBQ, the focus can be shifted to providing a large amount of sides that’ll full up hungry tummies and minimise expenses. So, stock up on potato salads, cooked rice, a salad and garlic bread to fill your guests’ plates up without sending them home starving.

There are a bunch of ways you can approach food when planning for an outdoor BBQ for a large group. While it can be worthwhile to invest so much time, money and energy into it, it can also work out cost effective to allow Big Roast to do all the dirty work for you. After all, peace of mind and preserved sanity are priceless.

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