What Canapés should I order?

Canapés are a wonderful addition to a Hog Roast event, and we offer a fantastic variety of appetising options.

The Big Roast team often get customers queries asking for advice on what type and how many canapés to order. Our menu includes a selected range of premium canapés to suit a wide variety of tastes. We are happy to shed some light on the best menu combinations and most popular canapés to help make your decision easier.

We recommend 3 to 4 canapés per person as the perfect starter to your Hog Roast party.  It is best to choose at least one meat, one fish and one vegetarian canapé option for every guest.

What Canapés should you select?!

We currently have 7 delicious options to choose from. It’s important to consider flavour combinations and to cater for any vegetarians on your guest list.

Blue cheese & crispy bacon mini tartlets canapés
Our most popular canapés

The following order would be suitable for a party of 50 guests. It offers an excellent selection of our canapés that will please even the most  fussy guest.

  • Smoked Salmon mini tartlets
  • Feta & black olive mini quiche
  • Peppered duck and fig skewers
  • Blue cheese & crispy bacon mini tartlets

This ensures you have a nice selection of meat, fish and vegetarian to suit even the most fussy eaters.

For 50 guests and order of around 175 canapés would ensure everyone gets to enjoy a few canapés each – if you know you have a few vegetarians in the crowd it might pay to order exta of the feta and black olive tartlets.

If you are holding a larger party, the decision making gets a lot easier.  You will want to order a selection of all of our canapés! You can view the full menu here

And now for the answer you have been waiting for, what is the most popular canapé? Drum roll please… Our famous Blue Cheese & Crispy Bacon Mini Tartlets is the winner! These tasty, tangy tartlets are enjoyed by all ages – so order a few extra as your guests are sure to devour them!

You won’t be disappointed with our delicious canapés. They will add that extra touch of class to your Hog Roast event. Check out our full selection Big Roast canapés! here or contact us on 0845 500 5450 and talk to someone from our friendly team.

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