5 Reasons Why Catering is an Art That Needs a Professional



Unlike a family birthday party or couple’s anniversary, corporate events are another ball game entirely. It’s less about keeping the birthday boy or girl happy, and more about ensuring that the business leaves an exceptional impression on its guests and stakeholders.

If one minor incident occurs, there’s more to worry about than family members and friends gossiping around dinner tables about how terrible it was. Your organisation is at risk of media scrutiny and the furore from social media users. Such bad PR can damage your business and make it hard for you to host any other events in the future. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider a professional catering company to ensure the success of your corporate get together.

1)      You don’t have the right supplier relationships

Caterers are networked people. They rely on established relationships to negotiate better deals and possibly a more tailored service. When an event is coming up, a caterer is well aware of who they should call, allowing them to spend fewer hours researching where to get food or entertainment.

2)      You don’t have as much time on your hands

If you have other responsibilities to perform while planning the catering, you run the risk of missing out important steps. You might forget about those two foreign investors who have a peanut allergy, or the one dignitary who’s always preferred pork over beef. With a competent catering company, they’re sole objective is to ensure that everyone is, well, catered for and doesn’t have to order their vegetarian meal from a fast food restaurant just because you forgot to provide a meatless option.

3)      You have to play Russian roulette with the menu


When selecting the ingredients for the menu, you’re also taking the risk of getting a shoddy supplier whose options might be more of a health risk, than a delicacy. Professional caterers have been in the industry for longer and know all the right and reputable people. Having such knowledge helps them to sift the wheat from the chaff, thereby ensuring your product launch or end of year function isn’t overshadowed by the 24-hour bout of food poisoning that follows it

4)      You don’t have the manpower

While you might expect your colleagues to lend a hand, let’s be honest: it’s not in their job description. They’re also probably overwhelmed with their own responsibilities. If you force them, you’re pretty much asking for them to make disgruntled and intentional mistakes. On the other hand, catering companies like Inferno Catering have a workforce that is dedicated to every aspect of your function, from the setting up and preparation of food and tables, to the serving of plates and packing up at the end.

5)      You don’t have the experience


A corporate event has plenty of moving parts that need constant monitoring to ensure they go over without a hitch. As an improvised caterer, you probably won’t have the experience required to ensure that every aspect is running smoothly before, during and after the event  On the other hand, a professional has been trained on how to run the whole shebang and can therefore keep a calm-headed control on the whole event, leaving you to sip on something tasty, without worrying about a grumpy guest.


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