5 Tips for the Best BBQ Experience

Very little beats a good old BBQ.  It’s social, uncomplicated, unpretentious, and just what you need after a long week at the office.  It’s the perfect way to get in touch with your inner caveman – just throw some meat on the grill, cook and eat.

However, not everyone knows how to get the best out of their BBQ, but there are ways to give the experience a twist, turning it from ordinary to amazing.

Below are some tips and tricks for an easy and unique experience.

Grease that Grill

We’ve all had that sinking feeling in our stomachs when we try to flip the meat over and it sticks to the grill.  You can counteract this problem by seasoning the meat with some olive oil or use tongs to rub oil over the grill’s surface with a paper towel.

Light that Fire

Forgetfulness is not something to ashamed of, as it happens to the best of us.  How many times have you planned a BBQ get-together with friends and family only to realise, once it’s too late, that you forgot to buy firelighters? However, it’s not the end of the world. There are alternatives to sending your guests to the store or knocking on your neighbour’s door.

Where there’s a party; there’s chips.  Tortillas or Dorito’s have proven mighty useful to get the fire going.  Other options include cotton wool or used tea bags dipped in petroleum jelly or spirits.

Let it Soak

Whether you like your meat plain, spicy or just plain out of this world, there are no limits to your seasoning and marinade options.  If you have a sweet tooth, spritz some apple or orange juice over your meat while grilling, or brush it over with your favourite barbecue sauce right before taking it off the grill.

It’s important to remember that BBQ sauce is not a marinade; soaking your meat in it before grilling will cause it to scorch and stick to the grill.  Marinades bought from the store can be limiting, so why not experiment with homemade options?  Let your taste buds and imagination run wild by trying soy sauce, chilli, garlic and Chinese spice for an oriental flavour, or red wine, olive oil and garlic for something more intense.  Marinades or a salt rub really soften the texture and brings out the flavour.

Don’t let it Burn

Keep a section of the grill cool by moving the coals from underneath. That way you have a spot to place the meat when the flames start to flare up.  It is also advisable to have a spray bottle containing water at hand to keep flames at bay. This will stop them from scorching your meat, as the charcoal taste is simply awful, not to mention highly carcinogenic.

Raw Science

Scientists love testing and debunking myths, giving us life hacks for just about everything.  This time they got impatient waiting for the steaks to thaw out at the last faculty BBQ.

The guys from US television series, Test Kitchen, decided to grill frozen steaks and found that it works better than grilling thawed meat.  It seared better and retained more flavour and juices than defrosted meat.  No more horrible rubber-like microwave defrosted meat.

Another win for science.

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