Bad Education and a hog roast

It’s not all work and no play at the Big Roast headquarters.  We recently featured on the popular UK comedy series, Bad Education.  The show takes place at Abbey Grove School where Alfie, the main character, is portrayed as the worst teacher to ever grace the British education system.  He is more of a kid than the students he’s trying to teach.

In this episode Alfie faced a crisis when his dad became the new deputy head, tasked with firing one of the staff.  Alfie had to decide whether to stand by his girlfriend, who was leading the teachers on strike, or sacrifice himself so that his students could return to class and pass the upcoming exams.  When the substitute teachers arrives, the students hold an outdoor festival, complete with music and a hog roast, in support of the strike.

Towards the end of the protest, the students wanted to prove a point and rebel by dropping the roasted pig from the school’s roof. Perhaps as a way of demonstrating their disdain towards the current state of affairs, and that they would accept it the day pigs flew.

Big Roast was honoured to be featured in one of Britain’s award winning comedy shows and proved that we are more than just your average hog roast company.  Now we can truly say we’ve been there and done that.  We’ve done weddings, company functions, birthday parties, reunions and now we got to show off our acting skills on the telly.

You can watch us in action here.

Who knows where our culinary skills might take us – maybe our next venture is a hog roast in space.

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