Why Businesses Need a Hog Roast

wedding-hog-roast When you’re in charge of planning a big corporate event, be it an end of year function or a fun day for employees, it’s important to consider an enjoyable, yet cost effective solution to the catering. Not only will this keep the bosses happy, without making too much of a dent in their bottom line, but it’ll also ensure that guests have a memorable experience. As a viable option that promises to keep everyone happy, we recommend a hog roast as the perfect catering solution for your company’s next big get-together.

Liven things up

As well as being absolutely delicious, having a spit roast at your corporate event can create quite the stir. Producing tantalising smells and providing a central focal point that inspires conversation, a hog roast adds a lot more spectacle than your regular sandwiches and sausage rolls will do.

Suits the size of any company

While some catering companies might find the size of a corporate event intimidating, more reputable establishments will have experience catering for events of up to 1000 people. They should offer a huge variety of sides and salads and be able to put together a delicious packages to ensure that none of your coworkers go hungry. Because you’re likely to have non-meat eaters, professional caterers should also offer vegetarian dishes to ensure that everyone is happy.

All around, all year

Whether your company’s corporate event is set to take place in the middle of summer or around Christmas when the chill of winter is in full swing, a hog roast is still the best choice. If you want the event to take place on the roof of your building or on a boat in the middle of a lake, the mobility of a custom-made spit roast machine allows the chef to do his work anywhere. So long as there is enough space for the machine and hungry people to dine, a hog roast is guaranteed to be the most popular – and pocket friendly – option for your next company event.

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