4 Ideas for a Halloween Hog Roast

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, there are a couple of aspects to keep in mind.  First of all, you need to plan costumes for yourself, the kids and possibly the dog.  Then you have to think about the menu, guest list and decorations.  While we can’t provide advice on professional décor and invitations lists, we can give you tips on how to host a tasty and memorable Halloween hog roast.

Below we’ve compiled a list of ideas and recipes that will perfectly complement your hog roast.  However, be careful not to provide so many treats and canapés that your guests end up not having enough space for the delicious hog roast to follow.

1.  Why a hog roast?

If you’re throwing a witches and wizards or medieval themed Halloween get-together, nothing fits the scene better than a huge chunk of meat, crackling, apple sauce and a variety of breads.  In medieval times, spit-roasting was the preferred method of cooking meat. So satisfy your guests’ inner carnivores with a hog or lamb roast that offers a complete solution to your catering needs.

2.  What about the snacks and canapés?

To keep your guests occupied and build their appetite for the main meal, you will need snacks and canapés.  Instead of the bag of potato chips and bottles of soda that we consider traditional snacks, rather opt for something more original to fit your event.  Grilled jalapenos stuffed with cheese remain a favourite among partygoers, as are dipping sauces and a variety of breads.

3.  Do I serve beer Ale or mead?

It won’t be a party without a couple of drinks to accompany the food.  However, you don’t have to go and home-brew your own Ale or mead.  Your guests can bring their own beverages or you can supply a selection of local or craft beers and wine.

4.  Traditional desserts

Last but not least, go the extra mile with your desserts.  Complete the medieval experience with traditional English favourites like almond pudding, gingerbread, strawberries in snow, peach tart and custard (or Mom Amy as they used to call it in the 15th Century).

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