Chef interview: Ralph Skripek

We truly love the hospitality industry, so we decided to conduct a couple of chef interviews to learn more about their different cooking styles and what lead them to the business of feeding people.

Below we interviewed Ralph Skripek, The Wild Chef, from Mickleover, Derby.  He’s a game shot and fisherman and attends various game talks and cookery demo’s to share his love for game meat. Read on to discover his unique style and taste.
1)  What type of meat do you prefer and what is the best cut in your opinion?

Any type of game due to its versatility, flavour & texture.  Best cut is difficult to say, but a ‘saddle of venison’ is hard to beat!

2)  Do you have a personal favourite or ‘signature dish’? What is it?

All game is a favourite of mine, they are all so different.  However, wood pigeon does feature on my menus & can be shot all year with great Summer & Winter dishes.

3)  What are your favourite ingredients to cook with?

Local ingredients, like rapeseed oil, black pudding.  Anything fresh and in season!  Herbs and asparagus, for example, are at their best when their season is upon us.

4)  Who is your culinary role model? How do they inspire you?

The late ‘Clarissa Dickson Wright’ for her no-nonsense cooking, she was always pushing the boundaries with her great humour.

5)  You’re hosting a BBQ, what side dishes do you dish up to best compliment the meat?

This depends on the meat and fish being served, but a great selection of salads that refresh and spice the palate, crispy potato wedges with soft unusual cheeses (smoked cheese is especially good), selection of good quality breads served with oils, balsamic, homemade dips & tomato salsa, and roasted/ BBQ vegetables with fresh herbs.

Ralph is the owner of The Butlers Pantry in Mickleover, Derby.  You can find him on Facebook and Twitter for tips and tricks on game cooking.

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