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Worried about how you are going to cater for your next event? Have you thought about having a hog or spit roast? The awesome thing about a hog roast is that you can cook and prepare it yourself.

It’s simple, all you need to do is buy a pig or a lamb and hire a machine. When a hog is roasting, it needs special attention and requires constant care. After about a half an hour of roasting, the skin should be soft and you will be able to score the skin. Once this is done the job of basting begins.

Basting is the very exciting part of roasting where all the additional flavour is added. Instead of using a traditional brush to do this, why not use a bunch of rosemary dipped in Mediterranean marinade to enhance the flavour. Marinating your roast in advance, especially the smaller parts, avoids drying up the roast. Making a juice marinade and letting the roast lay in it once its cooked will also help keep the roast moisturised.

Slicing the roast needs to be done in a very refined way and this process could take up to about one hour. Don’t forget to give your guests some of the marinade when serving up your hog roast.

If that was a mouthful to take in – Do not fear!

Big Roast are the perfect guys to contact if you need catering for an occasion. We offer hog, spit or lamb roasts. A whole roast is used, set on spit machine and after six or seven hours a chef will carve and serve the delicious meat to your guests. Big Roast also offers salads, vegetarian or canape options as well as dessert. Our roasts are ideally suited for outdoor events and we have waterproof machines in case the weather decides to turn.

If you are interested in hiring Big Roast for your special occasion do not hesitate to give us a call us on 0845 500 5450. Alternatively feel free to fill out our online form here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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