Barbeque King For Your Intimate Occasion

Ever wondered if your event would be too small to have a barbeque? Well, The Barbeque King can solve all your smaller catering needs.

Big Roast mainly caters for events for over 50 people. However, if a smaller event with a mixed barbeque is preferred, Barbeque King has you covered. This package includes a variety of meats, rolls and sauces that will suit everyone’s tastes.

The Barbeque King focuses on smaller events ensuring that your guests are full and happy!

Summer would be the perfect opportunity for you to host an intimate barbeque event for your family, friends or colleagues.

Pricing and Packages

Barbeque King offers a variety of packages which include a gas barbeque, serving tables, a gazebo, rolls and sauces. One of our master chefs will come along to ensure that your food is adequately
prepared and served.

Our barbeque packages cost the following:

  • Up to 20 guests: £290
  • Up to 50 guests: £390

Meat Pricing

We have a variety of quality and affordable meat to choose from.

  • Free Range Burgers: £4.00 each
  • Free Range Burgers with cheese and sliced tomato: £4.50 each
  • Jumbo Free Range Sausages: £4.00 each
  • Chicken Skewers: £3.50 each
  • Halloumi Kebabs: £3.50 each

Big Roast are more than happy to assist you! No matter how small your event may be, we will cater you to meet your needs and expectations.

To find out more about our events check out the Big Roast website or give one of our friendly staff a call on 0845 500 5450.

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