How to Cook Large Meat Cuts


Cooking large chunks of meat can be relatively tricky as we all want to maintain the juicy, succulent, tenderness without over or undercooking it. We are here to give you some awesome advice to ensure that your meat is cooked perfectly, every time.

You don’t need your oven to cook big roasts – go straight for the barbeque! We suggest that you place your meat on a high heat and seal it before getting ready for the long haul of cooking. Once sealed, move your meat to low heat and let it roast for a long period on time. This method allows for gentle and even cooking.

Cooking while using a barbeque adds an extra smoky layer that you are sure to taste. Let’s not forget about the browned crust that comes from a barbeque too. Barbeques give meat an enhanced flavour that your taste buds are sure to love!

Most importantly, a wet spice rub and a delicious sauce will add to and bring out the flavour of the meat. When creating a sauce, it is usually good to either choose between a tangy or sweet sauce.

When it comes to cooking chunks of meat on a barbeque it all comes down the correct temperature and spicing. Temperature is very important when cooking a piece of meat. The tenderness and juiciness should be kept and maintained.

Now that summer has approached us, take full advantage of using your barbeque as much as possible. Invite over your family and friends, and spoil them with a succulent barbeque. Prepare and barbeque a chunk of meat and have them salivating for round 2.

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